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Shomron Regional Council

The Shomron Regional Council is located in the heartland of Israel. Most of the settlements in the Shomron are located near the ancient sites connected to the first and second temple periods.

Elon Moreh settlement with Biblical Shechem in the background

The population of the 32 settlements within the Samarian Regional Council is about 18,000 people . This area comprises one of the largest geographical regions in Israel equaling 2,800 square kilometers. The area also includes 7 settlements that at one time fell under the jurisdiction of the Regional council, and are now fully independent local councils . They are : Elkana, Ariel, Emanual, Alfei Manasha, Karnei Shomron, Kidumin, and Oranit.

The population is divided between all factions of religion, and all customs according to country of origin, independent businessmen and simple working people, like every where else in Israel.

The municipality provides all services that are available any where else such as: health, transportation, business licenses, building permits, public gardens, security and social services.

There is a strong emphasis on education and cultural events . In every settlement there is day care and kindergarten, in the whole region there are 5 public schools, 4 junior high schools, and 2 high schools. There are also Hesder Yeshivot, ( the students study and complete their army service in a 5 year program) , Yesivot of higher learning, and a regular academic college in Ariel.

The cultural activities available to all the settlements include music school, choir, womens drama, teenage drama, various after school clubs and courses for children, and in all the school systems testing for special educational needs is provided.

There is also a great importance put on the development of industry in the Shomron area. The second largest industrial park in Israel is located in Barkan, with approximately 100 factories. There are also smaller areas in various other settlements.

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Baruch Lior
Samarian Regional Council
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Tel: 03-9367288
Fax: 03-9368748
E-mail: klitmoaz@aquanet.co.il

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