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Renewal of the Jewish Settlement in Shomron (Samaria)

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Sara Gelbard in a radio interview about Elon Moreh
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Elon Moreh Stands Firm Despite Terror Attempts
The town of Elon Moreh in Samaria has been targeted by terrorists several times in the past year.
“Our faith is unwavering,” resident says.

Recent Happenings in Elon Moreh
Elon Moreh boys volunteering to help the needy over Chanukah. Planting a new vineyard. Summer fun for our kids. Celebrating Lag B'Omer. Happy Independence Day. Planting trees for Tu BiShvat. Happy Birthday 32 years to Elon Moreh!. Women's Rosh Chodesh Shevat party. New photo exhibit in the library. Harvesting wine grapes in the Elon Moreh vineyards Aravot for Sukkot grown in Elon Moreh FIXING THE ROADS FIXING THE ROADS TOURISTS VISITING MT. KABIR DEFENSE DRILL ONE OF OUR NEIGHBORS END OF SUMMER PICNIC IDF TRAINING EXERCISE DEFENSE DRILL IDF TRAINING EXERCISE IDF TRAINING EXERCISE COMMUNITY VACATION IN THE GALIL COMMUNITY VACATION IN THE GALIL COMMUNITY VACATION IN THE GALIL COMMUNITY VACATION IN THE GALIL COMMUNITY VACATION IN THE GALIL COMMUNITY VACATION IN THE GALIL COMMUNITY VACATION IN THE GALIL COMMUNITY VACATION IN THE GALIL 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27

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Elon Moreh represents the pioneering spirit of rebuilding the Land of Israel after 2000 years of exile. The community overlooks the city of Shechem and continues the tradition of the importance of the area to Am Yisroel. It was here that G-d first promised Abraham our father, “To your descendents will I give this Land.”

The unity of the Nation of Israel all over the world is what has helped us survive through so many years of exile and this unity is what will give us the strength to rebuild the Land of Israel.

We are determined to continue our struggle. We will not give up, but we need active partners in that fight, partners in the endeavor of building and developing our corner of Eretz Yisroel.

We would like Jews everywhere to consider Elon Moreh as their home in Israel, to visit and to keep in touch even from afar. We would like to send representatives to communities all over the world as well.

And Avram passed through the land
until the place of Shechem,
and the Cananite was then in the land.
And HASHEM was revealed to Avram, and said:
to your descendants I will give this land,
and he built an altar there
to HASHEM who was revealed to him.

Breshit 12: 6-7
pasuk Elon Moreh

From NY to Elon Moreh; From Pen Pals to Friends

Jewish teenagers from NY met with their Israeli counterparts living in Elon Moreh, as part of Israel Connect’s ‘school twinning’ program.    Rachel Hirshfeld   Arutz 7

Jewish teenagers from the Magen David Yeshiva in Flatbush, New York met with their Israeli counterparts living in Elon Moreh, as part of Israel Connect’s ‘school twinning’ program.

As part of the program’s ongoing efforts to connect Jews in the Diaspora to Jews living in Israel, Israel Connect, in conjunction with the Shomron Liaison Office, organized a “Sports Day” aimed at fostering deeper and more meaningful relationships between Jews worldwide.

8th grade boys from the Flatbush yeshiva travelled to Elon Moreh and together with their Israeli peers, with whom they have been developing ongoing virtual relationships, played basketball, went swimming and went on a tour of the area.

Professional Israeli basketball players joined the teenagers on the court in what became an exciting, moving and, altogether, unforgettable experience, Educational Director of Israel Connect, Amihai Bennett, told Arutz 7.

Throughout the year, the students have been communicating via e-mail, personal letters, and other means of communication and, over time, have established deep, personal bonds.

The virtual relationships became actual relationships on Sunday in the heartland of Israel, as the boys laughed together and shared a joint experience.

From its founding, six years ago, Israel Connect has been pairing over 25 Jewish schools from around the world, four of which are located in the Shomron. The program works with students and adults of all ages and religious backgrounds.

The basketball court in Elon Moreh, on which the students went from being virtual “pen pals” to real-life friends, may serve as a microcosm of the larger Jewish population, which continues to strive to unite through our joint national identity and heritage.

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